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The year 2019 comes to an end, and we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The year was packed with projects, events and meetings.Hopefully, you have some days off to spend time with family and friends to recharge your batteries. We want to say thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the year. We are looking forward to seeing/meeting you in 2020 and to working with you in the future. Your CXD team
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Conventional radio calls from clearing up to 8-10 kilometers, generally up to 3-5 kilometers, in situations where there are tall buildings or mountains block, call a relatively short distance. When has the support of network intercom call distance of a few tens of kilometers. Network is to use the repeater (also called base stations or rotary table), automatically receive signals from radio transmitter, and carries on the enlargement and forward. Networking can enlarge the coverage of radio communication, extended range, clearing up to 10 to 20 kilometers (portable intercom) or 30 to 50 km (car radio), building covering basements, underground parking lot, severe fire channel such as shielding, usually called blind Angle.
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Introduction to the classification of the walkie talkie..

Release date: 2016-06-15
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Headphones in the intercom function in the use of the whole machine is great, not only can liberate the caller hands, sometimes have the effect of hidden calls, which related to its specific work environment. At present, in the walkie-talkie machine market growing at the same time, the headset market also has the attention of people. Intercom headset products brand is numerous, species classification and use way also each are not identical, sometimes different brands and models of the whole machine the headphones also have different configuration, it is easy to let the consumer confusion. In this paper, we use the intercom often wear headphones are classified, the hope can give users a certain help and reference.

1. From wearing way points have ear plugs, ear hanging, head-mounted (light, medium, heavy)

Ear plugs, ear hanging headphones small volume, easy to carry and is quite popular headphones on the market at present, is also the most commonly used in the intercom headset. Generally speaking, there are two forms combined microphone, built-in microphone. Cost-effective, ear plugs hanging headphones user does not need to remove the intercom's from the machine set of use cases, so as to improve the work efficiency of the user. Suitable for retail, hotel, catering and other industries.

Head-mounted is compared commonly big, have a certain weight, so not very convenient to carry, but its performance is strong, the external disturbance is small. Headphones to create conditions for a speakerphone communication, so is the effective tool to improve the work efficiency greatly. It contains the light head headphones, medium headset, heavy headset 3 kinds. Lightweight headphones for high-definition, a speakerphone, separation of two-way communication create conditions at the same time, also increased the comfort, can be used in moderate noise extension to wear. Applies to the entertainment industry, retail, sports and leisure industry. Medium-sized headphones in providing high-definition voice at the same time, also have limited sound insulation function, is bad to open in a noisy environment clear a double-barrelled communication necessary tools. It is suitable for construction, manufacturing, petrochemical industry and aviation transportation industry. Heavy headphones including rotating microphones, denoising can cooperate or not cooperate helmet to wear. Send by words used in up to 125 db noise intensity. Suitable for mining, construction, manufacturing, and aviation transportation industry.

2. From the sound conduction modes on the conventional vibration, air ducts, ear bone conduction, throat type, etc. Several categories.

Regular headphones (mic) refers to the acoustic signal receiver through a wire to the ear (horn) voice, the voice is transmitted through the air in the transformation of sound waves into the microphone and acoustic signal into the transmitter, is the most common type of headphones in the market.

Air duct headphones refers to the electroacoustic receiver signal into sound waves travel through the plastic air duct to the ear. Its characteristic is: a, the vibration of sound wave is transmitted through the hollow tube, can filter the distortion generated by the speaker and other noises. In addition, from catheter to transmit sounds, the ear does not again in close contact with the speaker, but also avoid magnetic radiation by the speaker and the speaker coil for a long time in the heat generated by the magnet to work within the effects of stress. B, because of the air duct selection is transparent material, easy to use concealment, therefore also give some special work groups (such as sound entertainment by staff and security staff) and need long time to use the selected.

Ear bone conduction headphones has high quality and high noise levels, the transmitter is vibrating microphone. It is the use of vibration sensor with high sensitivity to pick up a person speak vocal cord vibration caused by the body's tissues, and converting vibration signal processing. Bone conduction microphones, the sound waves is not sensitive to air, has a superior ability to resist noise. Without the wind after interference, unique design, quality of a material soft, wear very comfortable.

Throat vibration headphones is the use of talking, vocal cord vibration of larynx to pick-up, converts acoustic signal to the transmitter. Throat, ear bones type microphone, because from the throat, ear bones vibration convey directly to the pick-up, can prevent the environmental noise into the transmitter, and the voice of the air transport will be a little different, so the other party will feel voice will be a little different, the so-called fidelity is not high, but the main purpose of clear communication is the communication.

In addition, still have a kind of invisible headphones in the market. It is a special headset, with tiny radio receivers, can be completely hidden. User two-way radios received all information in the form of radio relay to the ear of the wireless headset, can be easily hidden in secret operations under the user's clothing. Security guards, the public security officials and private detective can through the subtle communication equipment. Although it is small, but it can provide a full range of audio features, including the static noise, automatic gain control and automatic filter noise.


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