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2020 - 01 - 02
The year 2019 comes to an end, and we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The year was packed with projects, events and meetings.Hopefully, you have some days off to spend time with family and friends to recharge your batteries. We want to say thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the year. We are looking forward to seeing/meeting you in 2020 and to working with you in the future. Your CXD team
2019 - 11 - 27
2019 - 06 - 06
Conventional radio calls from clearing up to 8-10 kilometers, generally up to 3-5 kilometers, in situations where there are tall buildings or mountains block, call a relatively short distance. When has the support of network intercom call distance of a few tens of kilometers. Network is to use the repeater (also called base stations or rotary table), automatically receive signals from radio transmitter, and carries on the enlargement and forward. Networking can enlarge the coverage of radio communication, extended range, clearing up to 10 to 20 kilometers (portable intercom) or 30 to 50 km (car radio), building covering basements, underground parking lot, severe fire channel such as shielding, usually called blind Angle.
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Welfare treatment

Release date: 2019-05-29
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★ Working environment:

Good, comfortable, healthy natural environment, and actively, harmony, love, the humanities environment of common build CXD features work environment.

★ Taken the package:

Follow the three principles: priority, the principle of market competition, internal motivation.

Agree with the priority principle: under the condition of the same performance, the company pay increase opportunity to long length of service, wuxi, culture highly esteemed staff tilt.

Market competition principle: general post upper salary is higher than the industry level, implements high competitive compensation for key positions, and unswervingly on distribution income gap according to the performance and contribution to the evaluation result, and guarantee high performance of high returns.

Internal incentive principle: effective compensation leverage to stimulate the role of staff performance, motivation, adjust in time, reasonable return, and return the form at the same time long-term returns and short-term returns monetary rewards and diversified combination of non-monetary rewards, fully attract high-quality talent into the company's mission and career.
Specific compensation structures: standard wage + performance bonus + annual bonus.

★ Taken the employee benefits:

Insurance plan: employees shall have the statutory social insurance and housing accumulation fund.

Paid holidays: in addition to the statutory holidays stipulated by the state, employees will also enjoy the holiday of holiday of annual leave, lactation and supervision, etc., some posts at the same time enjoy the home leave.

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