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2017 - 11 - 14
We are very pleased to announce that CXD will attend the upcoming PMR Expo. By this chance, we are of great pleasure to invite you to visit us.Booth NO. E13Exhibition Date: Nov.28th~30th, 2017Address: Cologne International Exhibition Center
2018 - 11 - 25
We are very pleased to announce that CXD will attend the upcoming PMR Expo. By this chance, we are of great pleasure to invite you to visit us.                                         Booth NO.    D08                                Exhibition Date   Nov.27-29th, 2018
2017 - 07 - 11
For celebrating CXD 15th anniversary, enriching staff’s cultural life and further improving company’s cohesiveness, CXD organized all staff to take a trip in Hainan from 29th.June to 4th.July. In the 5 days’ trip, the whole company visited major scenic spots in Hainan including the permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia, Yalong bay tropical paradise forest park, Yalong rose valley etc.During this celebration, CXD had the 15th anniversary evening party with the theme “shared 15years’ weal and woe, to be century enterprises”. Mr. Zhaoyang Liu, the General Manager of CXD gave a wonderful spee...
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Talent concept

Release date: 2016-06-15
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Talent concept is the enterprise attaches great importance to the talented person, love people, reasonable development talents, use talents, retain talents, promote talent's guiding ideology and values. Man proposes, god disposes, also in your hands. In today's competition between enterprises, in the final analysis is the talent competition. Set up the idea for what kind of person, what kind of person, is a matter of the vicissitudes of the enterprise.


● Have satisfied employees first, followed by satisfied customers.

● We trust and respect employees, believe that as long as to provide a suitable environment, employees can succeed.

● "We are committed to develop each strive for the development of the staff, encourage the initiative and creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in achievement and contribution.

● "We advocate simple interpersonal relationship.

● Low team spirit is the guarantee to achieve common goals.


We insist on the principle of fair and healthy competition, offer excellent position to each talent development platform; We provide each employee with competitive compensation and benefits, improve the personal development and training opportunities, make its work in a challenging environment constantly progress, realize the greatest value!


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