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2016 - 11 - 16
Dear friends,  We are pleased to announce that we will attend the upcoming PMR 2016.  By this chance,we are of great pleasure to invite you to visit us.Yours sincerelyExhibition date: Nov.22rd-24th,2016Address: Cologne International ExhibitionBooth NO:E12
2016 - 06 - 15
Headphones in the intercom function in the use of the whole machine is great, not only can liberate the caller hands, sometimes have the effect of hidden calls, which related to its specific work environment. At present, in the walkie-talkie machine market growing at the same time, the headset market also has the attention of people. Intercom headset products brand is numerous, species classification and use way also each are not identical, sometimes different brands and models of the whole machine the headphones also have different configuration, it is easy to let the consumer confusion. In t...
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To everyone's safety and the service life of the battery, when using battery hope that users pay attention to the following three points:1, with the company approved by the original or the battery.2, if the metal conductor such as jewelry, key or bead practice hitting a bare electrode of the battery, all battery may cause damage or personal injury. Please beware of is good battery, especially when put it in my pocket, wallet, or other metal container, special attention should be paid.3, charging shall be carried out in an environment of 5 ~ 40 degrees. If over the temperature range, the batter...
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 15
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Interphone antenna using the matters needing attention1, can only use the original or approved by the antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modified or added attachment it might damage the interphone antenna or in violation of the provisions of the radio administration bureau, the ministry of information industry.2, when use, don't get the antenna with the hand, not to mention carrying antenna will intercom to jilt to jilt to.3, walkie-talkie antenna can't back off, otherwise the launch easily when the power tube (pa) burn out.4, do not use the damaged antenna. Otherwise, when the launch, the damage...
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 15
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Car antennaVehicle antenna is refers to the mobile communication antenna design is installed on the vehicle, is the most common sucker antenna. Because the sucker antenna installation put easily, so in some simple set occasions sucker antenna is often used instead of base antenna. The on-board antenna structure have shortened, a quarter wavelength, central loading, five 8 half wavelength, double wavelength in the form of the antenna, in theory, in turn, increase their efficiency, the same working frequency band of the antenna length also increases in turn. Due to limited the vehicle itself is ...
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 15
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